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Tune Up Services and Spark Plug Replacement by Calgary's Best Mechanics

Your vehicle's ignition and fuel systems can use a tune up now and then to restore performance and fuel economy. The mechanics at Proper Motor Works can diagnose, service, repair and replace any part of your charging system.

Tune Up Services

Although modern engines are being built better and better, there are still things that need taken care of to ensure your vehicle’s engine is giving you peak performance. The term tune up reminds of us a time in the past when vehicle’s had carburetors and need ignition timing set on a regular basis. Even though these days are behind us the modern fuel injection engine can benefit from many tune up services.

Spark plugs are what bring life to your engine. They start the combustion process and produce the forces need to get you going. When a spark plug begins to wear and it’s gap begins to open beyond specification, your vehicle’s engine management has to compensate resulting in poor fuel economy and poor performance. Spark plug replacement is one of the best ways to restore your engine’s performance.

The throttle body is what lets your engine breathe. Did you know in a modern drive by wire engine there are upwards of 4 sensors that allow your accelerator to function? The sensors in your throttle body are sensitive and start to give false readings to your engine management system as your throttle body builds up with carbon from your PCV system. Many throttle bodies will require a good cleaning and the ECM will need to be reset to restore peak performance to your air intake system.

A vehicle’s PCV system, or Positive Crankcase Ventilation system, is an integral part of your vehicle’s emissions system. The PCV system routes excess pressure inside of your engine back through the air intake allowing your engine to burn off the residual hydrocarbons rather than releasing them into the atmosphere. This process is good for the environment but causes carbon build up on your intake valves, robbing your engine of compression. Let us perform an upper engine cleaning as part of our tune up packages.

What's included in a tune up?

  • Spark Plug Replacement
  • Ignition Wire Replacement
  • Air Filter Replacement
  • Throttle Body Cleaning
  • Fuel Injector Cleaning
  • Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaning
  • Intake System Inspection

When do I need a tune up?

We recommend a tune up every 5 years or 100,00km. There are also signs that you can spot to know when a tune up would be beneficial. Look for these signs that your engine might benefit from a tune up service.

  • Lack of Power
  • Poor Idle
  • Poor Fuel Economy
  • Hard to Start