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Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Quote

The quote you receive is only an estimate, as we give you a quote when the mechanic has not seen the vehicle. The actual repair cost may vary due to possible unforeseen issues. We give you a quote under the assumption that the car is in good condition (other than the identified problem) under normal circumstances. If anything out of the ordinary arises, we will notify you, give you a new quote and only proceed with further work after you have approved of the new quote. Upon closer inspection of your vehicle, our mechanic may suggest additional work or a diagnostic inspection. We will inform you of the additional work needed and we will perform it at an additional charge. Otherwise, we will only do the work we were instructed to, based on the original quote.


We highly recommend that we perform a diagnostic inspection on your car first. If you choose to diagnose the problem with your vehicle yourself or through another mechanic, Proper Motor Works will do the repair job, but will not be responsible if the problem is not fixed. We are only responsible for the work we were instructed to do. Although we will do our best to confirm the original diagnosis, if we are certain that the problem with your vehicle is different from the original diagnosis, we will inform you and there will be an additional charge for a diagnostic inspection. If the mechanic concludes that the customer’s diagnosis is wrong, the customer is required to pay a $100 forced cancellation charge.

Wrong Information Provided by the Customer

If you provide us with the wrong information about the vehicle or about the job, you will be subject to additional charges, which may include increased labour times and additional time taken to bring in the correct parts.

Conditions of Labour Only Work

Please note that if you choose to bring in your own parts, you will be subject to the following conditions:

  • If you buy the wrong part, you will be subject to a $100 forced cancellation charge.
  • If you don’t have all the parts required to complete the job, you will be subject to a forced cancellation charge, or extra charges as the mechanic will have to go and get the necessary parts.
  • There is no guarantee that the part you provide will work or solve the issue.
  • There is no warranty if you use your own parts.

Problem Diagnosis

When you request a diagnostic inspection, you accept that the diagnosis may require more than the allotted time period. If we have to go over the one hour, you will be notified before you are charged extra.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

This inspection and the opinions expressed are exactly that, opinions. Many parts perform perfectly until the moment of failure. Failure may occur suddenly and without warning. The inspector and/or all parties relative to the compilation of this report cannot accept liability for failures, which may occur after the inspection is completed. By accepting this report, the consumer acknowledges that the inspector and/or all parties relative to the compilation of this report cannot be held responsible for any and all alleged vehicle defects, and further, the consumer releases and holds harmless the inspector and/or all parties relative to the compilation of this report from any and all further claims on this vehicle. No warranty for this vehicle is implied or given by the inspector and/or all parties relative to the compilation of this report. In each case, the consumer has the opportunity to see the car in person before he or she buys the car. Buying this car based on this report alone is completely at the consumer’s’ own risk. Proper Motor Works provides a visual inspection of the vehicle. That statement is not meant to imply that we warranty the vehicle. We simply give you a good visual report on the vehicle. No warranty is implied or given. You must understand that the inspector will NOT find everything wrong on a particular vehicle. If a vehicle has a leak that is not constant (often called seeping,) the inspector might not detect it. He will not find every problem on a vehicle. The inspector simply inspects the vehicle. We do not counsel the buyer. We do not make recommendations on whether to buy a vehicle. As in all cases, the buyer makes his or her own decision on whether to buy a vehicle. We suggest that the best way to use the Inspection Service is to have us look at a vehicle and issue the report. Then if the vehicle seems to be what was represented to you by the seller, make a final inspection of the vehicle yourself, prior to purchasing the vehicle. We do not warrant the condition of any vehicle. That means we will be happy to look at the vehicle to see if there are any visible problems, but we are not providing any guarantees or warranties on the vehicle. Understand in advance that if you buy a vehicle and you find something wrong with the vehicle after your purchase, we will NOT reimburse any expenses that you are charged to fix the vehicle. This is not a mechanical warranty. Proper Motor Works, or its affiliates, inspectors, or their contractors related to the inspection, will NOT reimburse you for any repairs, mechanical failures or bodywork you have done after the purchase of a vehicle.


It is up to the customer to obtain permissions for mobile automotive service to take place at the address given during booking. If service cannot be performed due to lack of permissions the full price of services will still be charged and no refund will be given.