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About Us


Our Story

My career started like many others in the car repair business. Fixing my own cars, on my driveway with whatever tools my dad had around. Using a trusty Haynes manual or an internet forum with other DIYers as guidance, the only way I could afford to keep driving my car was to repair it myself.

Making my start changing oil and replacing light bulbs at a local GM dealer I quickly advanced my career through their apprenticeship program. Scoring the highest grades in the class and acheiving a score above 85% on the Red Seal exam, I was ready to start my new career as a licensed automotive technician.

A move to Calgary a couple of years later really ramped up my career. I have experience in all levels of the car repair business. From the Domestic OEM dealer service, to aftermarket service at a national chain, all the way to working on high end luxury vehicles. I am also a specialist in automotive electrical and drivability diagnostic.

Mobi-Tech was started when I realized that there was so much to improve in the automotive service business.

Jonathan Wood RSE.
- Owner

Our Mission

Our mission at Proper Motor Works is to be the leader in automotive service in Calgary. To provide not only exceptional car repair and servicing, but to add a level of customer service that has been seriously lacking in our industry for a long time. We want to bring honesty and integrity back to this industry, and we are going to do that by providing you, our customers, with the best level of customer service you can find at any service business.

We want to remove the hassle of car repair in Calgary. With convenient booking options, personalized service and our satisfaction guarantee, we want customers to get a new feeling about an old industry. We encourage our customers to talk with our mechanics, ask questions, and get helpful insight into what is being serviced and why. Whether you are a novice wrencher yourself, or don’t know how to put air in your tires, we want you to feel comfortable knowing you are getting the best service, delivered in the best way possible.