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Vehicle electronics have gotten more and more complicated in modern vehicles. The mechanics at Proper Motor Works can diagnose, service, repair and replace any part of your vehicle's electrical system.

Electrical Diagnostic Services

Modern vehicles have become more and more reliant on electrical systems to perform at their best. Vehicle electronics have control over just about every function the vehicle performs. Whether that’s ignition timing and fuel mixtures, to rolling up power windows and locking doors. These electronics make it possible for your vehicle to not only provide you with the best performance and great fuel economy but also keep you comfortable inside the vehicle with automated climate control and heated seats.

However, when these electronics stop working as they should. It sometimes seems too daunting even to the most seasoned mechanic to attempt to repair them. At Mobi-Tech we’re proud to specialize in diagnosing and repairing any vehicle electrical issue you may have. From engine and ABS lights to power windows and locks there is no electrical problem we won’t tackle.

Diagnostic Services

  • Scan All Systems for Fault Codes
  • Diagnose Engine Light
  • Diagnose ABS Light
  • Diagnose Air Bag Light
  • Diagnose Traction Control Light
  • Diagnose Headlights
  • Diagnose Power Windows
  • Diagnose Power Locks
  • Diagnose ANY Electrical Fault

Why is my Check Engine light on?

Since the 1980s vehicles have used on-board diagnostics to aid technicians in repairing many engine performance faults. These diagnostics have come a long way since then. Starting in 1996 the official standard of OBDII (On Board Diagnostic II) was required to be installed in all new vehicles. The check engine light itself is also a helpful indicator to how serious the problem may be.

An engine light that has come on solid should be looked at as soon as possible. These are faults that have occurred and have made it hard for the engine management computer to calculate the precise fuel and ignition timing that it needs to run it’s best. A flashing engine light however, is cause for immediate concern. A flashing engine light means that damage to your catalytic converter, a combination of precious metals used to convert certain emissions gases into something more environmentally friendly, is imminent and the vehicle should be serviced right away.

I just had my engine light repaired, and now it’s back!

Did you know there are over 10,000 OBDII fault codes? That’s 10,000 reasons that your engine light could illuminate. Certain fault codes won’t even appear until other fault codes have been cleared. One of the best examples being P0420 – Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold, this code will set when the engine management computer has detected the catalytic converter is no longer doing it’s job. This code will not set if the vehicle has already set a P0300 – Random/Multiple Misfires. The OBDII system will need to see the misfires repaired prior to setting the code for catalytic converter damage because it cannot properly diagnose itself without the engine firing on all cylinders. Seeing as a misfiring engine is the #1 cause of catalytic converter damage it can be a real downer seeing that light back on a couple days later, and another more expensive repair is also needed.

I’ve tightened my gas cap and the light stayed on!

Things are not always that simple. A check engine light being on for a loose gas cap has set a fault code for the evaporative emissions system, or EVAP system. This system is meant to prevent evaporated fuel to enter the atmosphere until it has been passed through a charcoal filter, removing the hydrocarbons, or directed to the engine to be burned off during normal operation. The engine management computer is a smart piece of equipment. It will draw it’s own pressure onto the system and will time how long it takes for that pressure to go away. If it goes away too quickly, it will set a fault. However, it will not turn on the engine light. This system has to see the same fault twice before it will warn the operator of a problem. So, it will need to see the fault fixed twice before clearing the problem.

Proper Motor Works specializes in repairing electrical and driveability problems, including engine lights. We also stand by our work with our 100% guarantee, if your vehicle is not repaired properly, we will make it right. Contact us today for a free quote or book your vehicle diagnostic online.